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Helmet not included!!

NOS parts for communication headphones

was used on tank helmets and pilot helmets.

very beautiful unique piece

hard to find

When the US entered WW2 the USAAF’s standard summer flying helmet was the A-9. This was a close-fitting, OD gabardine helmet which had attachment hooks for the Types A-9/10 oxygen masks but no provision for communications equipment. This was soon deemed to be disadvantageous for the rapidly expanding USAAF. So, until something better was designed and produced, up-grading kits were made available. These were to be added to existing A-9s at unit level. The kit comprised of molded leather ear-cups to retain the standard R-14 receivers, soft cotton ear-muffs for comfort and to cut down on external noise and short lengths of webbing with snaps to attach the newer generation of oxygen masks.

NOS parts (set) for communication headphones

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