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This pair of WWII aviator sunglasses is of the type issued to pilots, navigators, bombardiers and gunners in the Army Air Corps/Air Force. This set was produced by American Optical Co., they are still with the original leather case. One frequently sees this type of temple with Type 2 AN6531 lenses. This set is complete with no damage or repairs, the original leather case has some of the paper tag remaining and is without damage or repairs. These would be a perfect set of WWII sunglasses to use on a pilot mannequin, or simply displayed in a case.

Note – These are the original government issued aviator sunglasses for the USN and USAAF during WW2. Developed in the mid 1930’s these glasses were used by the air force to accommodate the pilots during flight and ground inspections. Since pilots were constantly looking down at their instrument panel while in flight, this necessity gave birth to the teardrop aviator shape lens.

WW2 US Army Air Force Pilot Aviator Sunglasses In Case

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