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Original Item: Only One Available. Early in World War II, aluminum was urgently needed for aircraft. Therefore, in 1942 stainless steel canteens were substituted for aluminum and alternative materials were investigated, such as plastic for canteens. Another idea for conserving the most valuable metals was to use a lower quality metal with a porcelain enameled coating.

The result was this, the M1942 Porcelain Enamel Canteen. Unfortunately, this "experiment" was not successful at all, and there were numerous complaints from the field, as the chipped enamel inside from a dent would result in water contamination, and overall the canteens were just not very resilient. They were quickly removed from service, and replaced by the standard aluminum canteens that everyone is familiar with today. They are very scarce on the market.

This one is in very good condition,  the canteen itself, which has no dents and only small chips in the porcelain enamel. It still has the original stopper cap, retained by the correct galvanized steel chain, though the washer is missing. 

The bottom does not retain any visible markings.                                                            

Overall this is a great canteen with a rare blue enameled , ready to add to your collection and display!

Original U.S. WWII M1942 BLUE Porcelain Enamel Canteen

Productcode: 0018
550,00 €Prijs
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