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Verry Rare!!!!

This is the one you couldn’t find! This is a WWII experimental T4 ammo can that was the precursor to the M1 style ammo can now in use. It have been made for use in armored vehicles. That is why the whole top comes off by turning the catches on the ends. It was made by the City Auto Stamping Co., of Toledo, Oh. As shown in the pictures, it has a shell on the top, the front has “Ammunition Chest Cal. .30” and each end has the “Flaming Ordinance Ball” flanked by the letters “U S”, and the letter “M” in the lower right corner of the block. Each end also has a large “C with D inside followed by the number D35299

Verry Rare ammo Box white originel paint!Armored!

250,00 €Prijs
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